About Migrations

When 3rd Coast Tribal announced that 2016 would be the final time they held the festival, Liora daydreamed aloud to a group of friends: wouldn’t it be amazing if Austin picked up where 3rd Coast left off?  Before long she had gathered a group of like-minded dancers, and the Austin Tribal Collective was born.  The next step, of course, was deciding on our vision, and our name!

Migrations represents a movement of dance and evolution of styles, an idea of travel, growth, and change.  We discussed and were inspired by the way dance, and bellydance in particular, was passed through families, communities, from culture to culture, sharing and morphing from initial forms into the myriad of fusions, styles, and beautiful shapes it takes now.

We hope to bring dance and music from all over the world to Austin, to share everything from the roots of folk dances to the latest dance trends.  We search for teachers with decades of experience and teachers with fresh new exciting ideas, as well as musicians to inspire movement and share their expertise in many different genres.

The Austin Tribal Collective was also inspired by animal migrations.  Austin bats are world famous!  The Mexican Freetail bats spend a good deal of the year here in Austin, living in huge colonies, one large residence being under the Congress Street Bridge.  Seeing an estimated 1.5 million bats fly out from under your feet to swarm off into the dusk on nightly excursions to eat 10,000 to 30,000 pounds of insects is an unforgettable experience!  Usually active from April through October, the bats migrate to Mexico for the few cold months Austin has.

Welcome to our journey and join us as we take flight with Migrations!