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Baila Pacifica

Elisha Sarrosa is the co-owner and artistic director for a Polynesian Dance and Fire group called Baila Pacifica Entertainment in Harker Heights TX. They have been providing Polynesian entertainment throughout all of Texas for 10 years and currently has 60 active dance members. She is also the co-owner of Tahitian Fitness Class. TFC’s workout is based on the basic dance moves from the island of Tahiti accompanied by Polynesian music and different genres of fast-paced dance music. Tahitian Fitness Class was created to provide her community with a fun, cardio-packed, Tahitian workout. Elisha found her passion for Polynesian dance 27 years ago and she has not stopped dancing yet. She has performed for and with a few different Polynesian dance groups and she has travelled all of over Texas, and out of state to Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi for performances. Today, she continues to travel and perform year round to provide and share the knowledge of Polynesian dance.


Saturday 9:30-11:30 AM: Polynesian Dance

In this 2-hour class Elisha will be teaching you the basic dance moves from the Islands of Tahiti and Hawaii. You will learn 2 full routines; one beautiful and fun hula from the island of Hawaii, and one fast-paced and exciting Tahitian dance. Music links for the dances you learn will be provided.