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Draconis is an androgynous entity with a passion for Middle Eastern dance. His journey in dance started in elementary school with the conventional ballet and jazz classes, now continued through college. A sprinkling of cheerleading and hip hop decorated his otherwise bland adolescence until he discovered his talent for belly dance in 2008 with the Isis Studio in Bedford, Texas. Since then he's stayed true to his studio where he grew from student to teacher, becoming beloved as a local favorite in the area with his unique style and stage presence.

Draconis has been cultivating his signature style that he refers to as "Eclectic Fusion." This is his unique dance philosophy and method for creating fusion that involves cross-training, academic study, and movement generation. The method for Eclectic Fusion is optimized to help dancers find their own voice within their dance, which includes learning different movement qualities, tuning in to your body's emotional responses, and applying the created movements to your dance practice. 

Outside the world of dance Drake continues to take dance classes in and out of college, and works as a part-time hair dresser and makeup artist in Dallas. In the near future, Draconis hopes to leave the world of cosmetology behind him and live fully as a performer, teacher, and revolutionary. After a handful of competitions and pushing himself to get his name out in the belly dance world, Drake works hard every day to further his dance career and imprint on the community.



Hassan Christopher

Hassan Christopher is a freelance artist, choreographer and creative producer. He develops and innovates original, immersive, movement driven art experiences that layer evocative elements to share stories, build community, and spark meaningful conversation. He regularly teaches The Get Down Hour (Hip-Hop) at Rose Movement Studio.



Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn fell in love with Middle Eastern music. That in turn led  to the discovery of bellydance in all its amazing varieties: Egyptian, Turkish, American Vintage, Lebanese, and the myriad other styles that have developed and diverged from them. Being grounded in the love of the music, she is drawn to the historical and cultural importance of this dance through its musical and movement history. She is dedicated  to researching the meaning behind the songs, the lyrics and the styles of dance that have developed with them, providing a deeper understanding of what the music is “telling us” to dance. As a dancer, she seeks to “illustrate” the music with movements. Technique is the basis, but expression is the goal.




The dance is a most elegant and mesmerizing form of expression for this gypsy-at-heart. Jerikaye's repertoire of dance styles tells stories of places near and far, ancient and modern. Lifelong training in contemporary western dance styles only enriches her understanding and appreciation of the richly meaningful and mysterious dance styles of the Orient.  Her stylistic span can be described as both “modern” and “tribal.”  Her chief specialty is American Tribal Style® Belly Dance – a formalized modern fusion of dance styles from all along the Great Gypsy Trail including  Classical Indian dance, Spanish Flamenco dance, North African tribal dance, and Middle Eastern belly dance which has a group-oriented improvisational structure.  

Known as the Fire Maiden, Jerikaye is one of the pioneers of fire dancing on the Gulf Coast, planting fire communities in the various cities she's lived and frequented, ever drawn to the hypnotizing flame in an effort to truly exude grace under fire.  She specializes in fire poi – a form of object manipulation which originated with the Maori people of New Zealand, migrated to the Pacific islands, and then to the West Coast of the United States in the twentieth century.  She specializes in fusing this form with modern tribal dance, also utilizing other fire and flow props in a variety of creative ways.  She is a performing artist, teacher, creative director, and event coordinator.



Jun shen

Jun Shen, born in China, danced from high school. He got his bachelors degree in dance at Beijing Capital Normal University. He attended Beijing Dance LDTX as a dancer and choreographer after his graduation. In the past several years, he has performed and choreographed many dance works at many worldwide dance festivals. He has collaborated with different artists from various kinds of field as well. In addition, he has had rich teaching experiences in dance training. He was invited to join the graduate dance program of UT Austin in 2013, and eventually earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in May of 2016. After his graduation, he worked at April Rain School of Chinese Dance as an instructor, as well as at Sansori High School as a movement and Tai Chi instructor. Meanwhile, he is the founder and artistic director of Shen Jun Movement Effect based in the Austin area. Now he is also working at Austin Community College as a dance instructor, and he is one of principal dancers of Blue Lapis Light Site-specific Aerial Dance Company.

Class: Intro to Chinese Classical Dance