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Jeanette Cunningham

A captivating dancer of sensual strength and dramatic passion, Jeanette's performance is a melding of American styling with classical Egyptian. Her fiery grace and fluidity of movement is demonstrated in her liguid veil and flamboyant sword numbers. Her sense of humor and play are demonstrated in her “Beledi Stick” and “authentic snake” dances as well as her audience interaction.

Jeanette's greatest influences in dance are those that she most studied with such as Amaya, Bert Baladine, Elena Lentini, and Mahmood Reda. Her first solo performance with on the Mirage Belly Dance Troupe stage at the University of Texas Student Union with veil in hand as she says she needed something to hold to she was so nervous. She has performed fin exotic places such as Ixtapa, Mexico and Dimebox, Texas!

She produced the Shimmy Into Spring and Shimmy Into September Workshops from late 1980s to 2001. She also produces the monthly Carousel Caravan and RaqStars shows.  She teaches classes in her home studio Full Moon Studio and for the University of Texas Informal Classes. Jeanette is also an instructor with Aging Is Cool, a company that is dedicated “to changing the face of aging in our community and our world by showing everyone how cool it can be!”  This matches her philosophy of “Dance Hard. Live Easy!”


Friday 12:00-2:00 PM - Veil

Jeanette will be teaching a veil class which is her dance signature. She says, “For me the veil is more than a prop.  It is a living breathing emotional dance partner, an extension of my presence on stage.” This class will include tips on controlling your veil, veil tricks, and combinations of veil movements that work for both slow and fast music. “Go with the flow” is more than an expression, it is a way of dance.