Saturday, January 13th

9:00 - 11:00 AM

Finger Cymbals and Hip Drills

A class designed for those new to finger cymbals and dancers with experience who want to strengthen
their finger cymbal playing foundation. We will begin with foundational zill technique and essential playing patterns while learning basic steps and combinations to accompany our playing. Several dance phrases will be taught and drilled with beginning and intermediate options available. Please bring your own pair of finger cymbals. ~ Beginning / Intermediate/ All Levels


Danse Orientale (Belly Dance) with Veil: The Luminous Veil Using Music from the Middle East

Experience Dalia’s unique approach to veil work through her invaluable dance experience throughout the years. Looking for different ways of expressing yourself? This is geared for dancers to transform audiences while creating movement and shapes with fabric. Become one with the veil, feel its intensity, feel its beauty. Become it, flow with it. Expressive combinations and air design movement will be explored while using a veil, and give you new movements that can be used in night club and theater performances. A 3.5 to 4yd veil is recommended. ~ All Levels


Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Every dancer, at some point in their journey, has looked at photos taken at their performances and cringed.   Fortunately there are several easy ways for you to help aid in better performance pictures.  In this workshop we will go over some do’s and don’t’s that will professionalize your venues, performances, and pictures with minimal effort.  This is for the dancer who performs primarily in haflas, smaller shows and venues.  Bring a notebook and pen, and we’ll even have an opportunity to practice a bit of playing to the camera.  This is not a class intended for staged photo sessions, though many of the elements can be applied. ~ All Levels


Mid-East Rhythms for Whatever You Have That Makes Noise

This class is for everyone! A gentle introduction to Middle Eastern rhythms. Great for dancers and musicians. Bring your doumbek, frame drum, zills, djembe, bongos, slide whistle, whatever! This is perfect for first-timers.


12:00 - 2:00 PM

Mini-Intensive (12:00 - 4:00 PM): Fluidity in Motion / Lovely Arms Technique & Combinations

Fluidity in Motion: The focus in this class is deepening one's connection to the floor and ability to move outside their personal space. This workshop will focus not only on foot patterns but will cover how to gain balance and grace while traveling across the floor. We will begin with a modern- and ballet-influenced warm-up to focus on proper alignment and move on to traveling foot patterns across the floor. Several complex foot patterns will be drilled and eventually building on top of them adding isolations and arm work. Power and freedom in movement emerges from having a calm and grounded center. A dancer who has mastery of their center of gravity is able to move through space effortlessly, to stop on a dime, and change momentum with ease. Kami will lead exercises to help strengthen and move from the core, to challenge your balance and move through floor work without fear in order to find a wide spectrum of expression. Knee pads, dance shoes/socks are suggested but not required. 

Lovely Arms Technique & Combinations: The first half of this section will be technique and posture focused. Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, and finger work will be intensely covered so that we are able to learn how to articulate through each mobile part of the arm for true arm isolations. The second half of class will take these smooth arm movements and apply them to combinations including isolations, shimmies, and traveling patterns. ~ All Levels


Glitter & Garba: Exploration into the Dazzling, Colorful World of Indian Folk Dance

Does the high energy music from Indian films inspire you? Then this class is perfect for you!
This beginner Bollywood and folk class combines traditional Indian folk dance from Gujarat which has
gained popularity for its invigorating music (the dhol drum).This class is suitable for all levels and, since no dance experience is required, you will learn technique and choreography that incorporate rhythmic, full body movement. With music that will keep you energized, engaged and excited, this high energy, non-stop cardio and strength building dance class is designed to help you get toned and build endurance. Come learn from the best Bollywood instructors in Austin! You'll be glad you did! ~ All Levels


Intro to Chinese Classical Dance

This class offers students an opportunity to become familiar with and practice Chinese Classical Dance basic movements, which include breathing, pacing, body rhythm, and core technique. In the first part, we will focus on the practice of basic movement materials, and in the second part, Jun Shen will teach a small combination. The students will have the fundamental concept of Chinese classical dance through this workshop. ~ All Levels


Powerful Layers

Known for his powerful, ground-breaking shimmies, Draconis teaches this class on how to masterfully layer your movements to create dynamic, complex combinations. A handout will be given with exercises on challenging your ability to layer movements. He will teach his favorite combinations, as well as guide you to creating your own unique, signature moves. ~ Intermediate / Advanced


2:30 - 4:30 PM

Performance Mini-Intensive (12:00 - 4:00 PM)

Continuation of class. Please see description above.



A Simplistic Music and Dance Theory Class: How To Notate and Map Out Your Own Choreography

Do you struggle with creating a new dance for yourself?  Stress no more.  This class is in two sections: first, we sit down with pen and paper and learn how to map out a musical score in a very simplified format.  Second, after discussing a musical score (music that you choose to dance with), we map out movement possibilities on paper that complete the score.  Please bring pen and paper and samples of music that you are planning to use in a performance or planning to dance to in the future.  We will work with some of the workshop participant’s music as samples, mapping it out, and a group discussion will follow. Please bring in any style of music you want. ~ All Levels


Self-Defense for Dancers

Learn realistic and effective means of self defense, formatted for women and specifically belly dancers.  Learn to protect yourself and your troupe-mates while on gigs, during performances, or while traveling in this informal, relaxed setting.  Get ready to get sweaty!  We’ll use fists, elbows, and all the rest! ~ All Levels