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Sonya Taft

Sonya has been dancing all her life, but found belly dance in 1997, starting with Austin's own Z-Helene, who became her main influence.  Attending workshops with other notable national instructors widened her range of styles which she draws upon to create her own unique dance.  Finger cymbals are her forte, and her drumming as well as background in tap dance helped expand the possibilities from basic playing to intricate patterns, working up to a capella zill solos where she is her own music. She combines her love of dance and craft beer by producing a monthly show featuring Triangle-area belly dancers in a local taproom and bottle shop in her new hometown, Durham, NC.  Her love of all things fantasy and sci-fi is fulfilled in performing with the League of Extraordinary Belly Dancers, bringing geek-themed belly dance to conventions and local venues, culminating in their yearly show Geektastic!


Friday 3:00-5:00 pm - Zill Drills & Then Some

"Zill Driils and Then Some!" will set you on the path to confident, creative finger cymbals with your dance.  We'll learn drills to give you maneuverability and speed, go over common patterns and rhythms, and then combine these with some movement, including some Tribal Fusion combos.  This workshop is for all levels; some of the combos will be a challenge to help inspire you to your own new heights.