Let’s Get in Formation * 4-hour semi-private mini intensive with performance opportunity!

How about we just have fun? Learn and refine a short and super fun choreography in Ebony’s signature fusion style - and then, let’s perform it on the big (or small) stage. This is going to be everyyyything! Designed for those with at least low-intermediate belly
dance experience (modifications always offered).

Layer Cake: Advanced Fusion Layering and Choreography

Get ready to multitask! We'll start by drilling basic undulations, accents, and shimmies with an emphasis on isolating these movements. Then, we'll embellish those basics by layering them one piece at a time. Kick it up a notch with traveling steps to create clean
layers along with strong and controlled movement. Learn powerful, yet graceful combinations that can be used in choreography or improvisation. Dance shoes recommended, but not required.

Urban Fusion Technique

Explore a fun and unique spin on tribal fusion belly dance. Learn combinations which are influenced by urban styles found in hip hop, retro funk styles such as popping, and the timeless influence of raqs sharqi. Build coordination, work on isolating movements, and expand your dance style with unusual undulations. This workshop will be high energy, prepare to sweat and have fun. Dance shoes recommended, but not required.




Bhangra refers to several forms of folk dance and music that originate in the Punjab region of India. The dance is generally performed during the Vaisakhi festival that celebrates the harvest. Bhangra has a very energetic and lively tone and the dance is equally vivacious. The festival is celebrated with much pomp and fervor and the dresses worn by the male and female dancers are quite different from each other although both are a reflection of the joyous celebrations.  

In a typical performance, several dancers executed vigorous kicks, leaps, and bends of the body to the accompaniment of short songs called boliyan and, most significantly, to the beat of a dhol (double-headed drum). Struck with a heavy beater on one end and with a lighter stick on the other, the dhol imbued the music with a syncopated (accents on the weak beats), swinging rhythmic character that has generally remained the hallmark of any music that has come to bear the bhangra name.    In the workshop you will learn a little flavor of this dance with basic steps and fun song to uplift your mood and spirit.

Kathak Fusion

Kathak is an Indian classical dance form that focuses on rhythmic foot movements along with graceful arm gestures and facial expressions! The origin of this form is associated with travelling story tellers in ancient northern India. There are three styles of Kathak, known as gharanas, and are named after the places that it has evolved from - Jaipur, Banaras, and Lucknow.

In this fusion workshop, you will learn basic Kathak movements with a twist of Bollywood fun! Come prepared to stomp your feet and enjoy dancing to a Bollywood number!

Bahaia_3_watermarked (2 of 3).jpg


Baladi Style a la Fifi Abdo

Baladi is a term that refers to class of people, a rhythm, a musical style, and a dance style that embodies a playful and light femininity. In Arabic, the word Baladi means “my country” or “my hometown” and is a synonym for an endearing, wholesome, salt-of-the-earth quality. Baladi dance is the original women’s solo dance from the Middle East, and therefore, is a precursor to and fundamental influence of Raks Sharki (belly dance).

In this workshop, you’ll explore Baladi styling and the roots of the dance with movements that embody the earthy elegance and laid-back simplicity of great Egyptian dancers like Fifi Abdo, Nadia Hamdi, and Aida Nour. You will walk away with steps and styling that can be immediately incorporated into your own personal style, and improve your overall dance presentation. Get ready to bring out the Baladi in YOU!

Baila Pacifica Temporary Pic.jpg


Tahitian Dance

Bring all your energy for this fast-tempo, hip-swaying Tahitian dance workshop! One upbeat and exciting contemporary Tahitian dance will be taught. Live Polynesian drummers will be playing your music at the workshop and a YouTube link of the recorded Tahitian beat will be provided to each student.

Samoan Fire Knife

Start your Fire Knife journey with Tee! In this class you will learn how to present yourself to a crowd in Siva Afi form. You will learn basic and beginner techniques and at least 5 Samoan fire knife moves that you will be able to fit into any routine. Practice sticks will be available for your use or you can bring your own.



Choose Your Adventure: Create Exciting Performances!

Are you feeling brave or maybe even BOLD?? Then this next quest is for YOU: it’s time to Choose Your Own Adventure!!! This workshop is for the intermediate performer who is looking for a boost in creativity when building a new stage act. We will discuss how to brainstorm through your practice, how to take full advantage of your performance space and how to captivate your audience by connecting to their curiosity through music & movement. These tools can be useful to the improvisor, the choreographer, the soloist, or troupe performers on the search for tips on creating exciting and dynamic performances. Come on out and shimmy with Laura, The Crimson Vagabond, and RAQ with Jam Boss Mr.B!

Cyndi Cyreigna 2.jpg

CYndi Cyreigna Elliott

ATS® Performance Intensive: A Gathering of Love

4-hour semi-private mini intensive with performance opportunity!

A truly Improvised ATS® Performance should be nothing more than Art in Motion! ATS® has its roots in an all-inclusive and all-welcoming acceptance of dancers. We should be able to move fluidly together to create a masterpiece for our audience. In this performance intensive we are going to cover some of the most important ways to make for a fluid and cohesive group performance! Not only do you need to understand and know the movement vocabulary, you need to know the etiquette that goes into a truly improvisational performance! *Knowledge of ATS® Level 1 vocabulary is required.

This intensive will include:

--Joining the Chorus: A chorus in ATS® is the frame that brings energy and focus to a performance without drawing attention away from the “featured” dancers. Together, we are going to dive into movements that do just that! We are also going to cover entering and exiting the chorus without skipping a beat! Being in the chorus is just as important as being the “featured” pod of dancers. We are going to explore the etiquette of the “featured” dancers as well! Sharing the spotlight with all of our sisters and brothers. Knowledge of ATS® Level 1 is required.

--Creating A Spectacular Spectacular: This is where the fun begins! How to make your performance a spectacular spectacular for all! Once you have entered center stage, what happens next!? That is exactly what we are going to cover! What movements will give you the biggest bang for your ATS® buck? How do we put together movements without getting stuck? Most importantly, we are going to cover the dancer etiquette that is the give-and-take and lead-and-follow that can make or break a performance! How many moves should I do? What’s next? How to change leads to keep it all flowing and exciting? Being able to share the stage with all levels of performers all the while dancing with love and desire will make your performance radiate with joy!


Deanna Freeman

Dramatic Elements in ATS®
Take your group improvisation to an exciting and dramatic new level by learning how timing, transitions, intention and phrasing can completely change the look and feel of the same moves you’ve been doing for years. In this workshop, we’ll play with some of our favorite ATS® steps, new and old, and learn several ways to create more excitement and drama in your sets while still maintaining the proper cues for a solid group improv performance. 

Devyani’s Creative Steps and Combinations
Megha and Devyani Dance Company have been inspired over the years to create new moves that have been added to the ATS® vocabulary. Learn these movements and combinations including technique, concepts and a further understanding of the stylization that makes these movements so distinctive, yet still blend nicely with classic ATS®. For this workshop, we will focus on Devyani steps featured on FCBD Volumes 7 and 9. This workshop is suitable for dancers that are familiar with classic ATS® and moves through FCBD Volume 4. SSCE eligible.

Elizabeth Kerry.jpg

Elizabeth Kerry

Tango Fusion Choreography

Set to a music composition with traditional La Cumparsita phrasing, intermingled with a bit of deeeelicious blues (Liz's favorite!). We will work with smooth, curving combinations punctuated with crisp accents, traveling and footwork, and a good dose of sensual sass. This workshop will challenge you to focus not only on technique but also on your stage presence.



Zambra/Flamenco Rumba/Spanish Fusion

Imagine the juicy feel of drama and passion that can be infused into your dance after this workshop! It will begin with a short history of Spanish folkloric dancing, costuming, and people to give context to the style of dance. An upbeat choreography will be taught, which includes skirt work, foot work, and hand work. Get ready for a great experience!


Hands of Fatima

Bonfire Jam

Grab your drums and join us for a good ol' "Bonfire Jam." In this workshop, The Hands of Fatima will teach you to play one of their most popular songs, "Bonfire Ego". We will start with a warm-up practice, review a few rhythms, and jump right into learning the song. We will be playing the song as a group and everyone has a role to play. This workshop is open to ALL LEVELS so come on out and RAQ with us!!! (Percussion instruments required.)

JamBoss Mr B.jpg

JamBoss Mr B

Middle Eastern Percussion

Let's Drum! "Bring your Doumbek, Darabuka, Frame Drums, and Riq and get ready to Raq! In this workshop, Jam Boss Mr. B will help beginner and intermediate drummers get comfortable with Middle Eastern rhythms and sounds. We will start off with an introduction to doumbek strikes, techniques, and practice exercises to establish a strong foundation. We will also cover 4 popular rhythms with easy-to-add fills and embellishments. Then we will gather all these tools in an interactive setting -> It's time for a DRUM JAM. All levels welcome! (Percussion instruments required.)


Jasmine Amazing

Amazing Glam: Eye Instructional!

In this class, we will go over the most essential of glam basics: EYES!

In this hands-on workshop, we will go over how to create cut creases and exotic eye shapes that are guaranteed to capture attention from the crowd! This instructional comes with a complete step by step tutorial for eyes including how to use shadows, brows, lashes, & liner. We will also go over helpful tips for different eye shapes! This class comes with a full 2-hour crash course comes with the option of purchasing a Glam Kit at an additional cost.

Glam Kit*: Mirror, Eyelashes, Lash Glue, Eyeliner, Mascara

*Can add glitter and specialty lashes and products for additional fee.

Jerikaye 2.jpg


ATS® Fundamentals: Roots & Wings

Part roots-appreciation and part improvisational skill-building, inspiration for the newbie and picky technique for the seasoned dancer, ultimately this is a BLISS class, a sampling of the richest and tastiest treats from the feast that is the American Tribal Style. More than just learning a few steps, we will aim to embody the Spirit of the Dance through an exploration of its three major roots in the dances of India, the Middle East, and Spain. Then, we will amplify the dancer through the power of group formations, and in this structure find the freedom to fly!  Something special happens when birds of a feather flock together... so bring some tail feathers to shake! And your tribal skirt and zils!

Flow Artistry for Bellydancers: Poi & Voi

I like to think of bellydance as the primal flow art. Instead of strictly linear movements, our dance circles, spirals, and figure-eights along all the planes of motion, creating a strong powerful physique that, at the same time, has beautiful feminine curves.  I would like to start this class from that primal place, and then extend our bodies further and further into space with the use of various props, starting with veils, then moving to veil-poi (voi), and finally culminating with poi. We will see the overlap and technical consistency between these modes of object manipulation, using one to inspire another as we go. Don't forget your poi and/or voi!  Let's flow!

Kamrah Prelim Promo Pic.jpg



Emotion is the name of this game.  Learn to emote in dance with your movements, not just your face.  Dancers will take a wild ride through their emotions and learn how to ooze them out through their movements. Let your hair down, get the tissue box, and be prepared to open yourself up.  This workshop is more about movement and expression than belly dance, so it’s suitable for all dancers of all kinds! (All Levels)

Lebanese Belly Dance

Kamrah is now offering their fantastic Lebanese Belly Dance Workshop! In this fun, fast, and challenging workshop, you will learn the differences (and similarities) between Lebanese, Egyptian, and Turkish belly dance.  What makes Lebanese belly dance unique? Learn a little bit of belly dancing history, as well as the big names in Lebanese belly dance both past and present. After a fun movement warm-up that reviews some basic belly dance movements, students will then learn some of the signature movements of Lebanese belly dance.  Then, cement your learning with a fun, fast combo. All levels welcome, but some belly dance experience is ideal.

Lauren Checchio.jpg


Zillicious Zills

In this class we will begin with learning multi-tonal cymbal dexterity exercises designed to introduce the hands to the movements required for this style of finger cymbal playing. We will apply this method to many of the most common Middle Eastern rhythms including Beladi, Maqsum, and Saiidi. The students will also learn my signature zill trills and fills and learn how to count like a drummer. This class will allow you to play musically with a band or up your musicality while dancing. Zills required.

Leigh Ann Prelim Promo Pic.jpg


Floorwork Fusion - A Contemporary Fusion Floorwork Choreography

This workshop with Leigh Ann will provide an introduction to contemporary fusion floorwork for belly dancers. Focusing on strength and flexibility, we will create a floorwork choreography with a multitude of shapes and flowing transitions. This class is for all levels of dancers but must be able to work on the floor, as that is where we will primarily be working.



History of Tribal and Fusion Bellydance - A Free, 30-minute “Lunch & Learn” Class!

Want to trace your tribal and fusion bellydance roots? Join Liora for a free 30-minute session as she traces the origins and evolution of these dance forms from the swingin' 60s in California to present day. Learn about creators, innovators, and prominent figures and how they shaped our dance. This class does not count towards the 4-hour minimum requirements for performance. Day-of drop-ins without pre-registration are also welcome!


Mahogany Campbell

The Talking Drum: An Introduction to Traditional West African Dance

This class will give an introduction to the stories and rhythms of West Africa. All of the traditional dances of West Africa tell a story of a tribe, kings, and queens or are used to celebrate pivotal events in life. In this class we will learn the stories behind the dance and how we tell these stories through our movement.



Samba - Afro- & Rio-style

Sweat a little and shake your hips! Meli’s workshop will give students a solid foundation in the fundamentals of samba, while exploring its many expressions: Elegant Rio-style & Jazzy “malandro” samba, Samba from Bahia, and African “Samba Afro." Learn to connect movements to the addictive Brazilian beats and give your body a jolt of "Alegria!" (happiness!).



Flutter Fan Veil Choreography

The single-hand flutter fan veil is one of the most stunning props in the belly dance vocabulary.  Learn the basics of the gorgeous prop and several movements and exciting release tricks as we build a sassy and flirtatious choreography to “Whatever Lola Wants.”  Flutter fan veils will be available to borrow or purchase and regular sized fan veils can be used in a pinch.



Intro to Poi - A Free, 30-minute “Lunch & Learn” Class!

Interested in learning poi? Have some skills but could use a refresher? Come by this free 30-minute class with Sarah as she introduces the basics of working with poi. This class does not count towards the 4-hour minimum requirements for performance. Day-of drop-ins without pre-registration are also welcome!

Silvia Sword.jpg


The Cutting Edge: Sword Technique and Moves That Leave a Lasting Impression

Are you familiar with balancing a sword but itching to get some jaw-dropping moves? This is the workshop for you!!! Get ready to learn that, with the right technique and know-how, even the most difficult of moves can be mastered! Turns, spins, floorwork, drops, and all sorts of mind-blowing steps! I promise I will make you leave your fear at the door and make you feel empowered by the end of the workshop!

Authentic Movement: A Healing Workshop for Dancers

Our bodies carry muscle tension constantly. Sometimes, those tensions are created as an involuntary or unconscious response to an emotional or mental issue. In such cases, they evolve into a permanent pain, numbness, or a lack of motility.  As a result, we lose the natural grace of our body and we see diminished our capacity for pleasure. In this workshop we will scan the body and all the emotions that arise in the main areas, and with simple, non-invasive, and joyful movement exercises, we will experience how we can get back all of our natural health.