Friday, January 12th

9:00 - 11:00 AM

Cues and Blades: ITS Moves with the Edge of the Sword!

Dancing with a sword and bringing in the sisterhood of ITS? Is that possible? Heck, yes!! In this workshop we will learn a series of moves (slow tempo AND fast tempo) based on the ITS format that use the edgier prop available..the sword!! We will begin breaking down the moves and explaining the necessary technique to execute them well, and we will also include a few formation changes that use the shapes of the blades to create mesmerizing patterns in a group. ~ Intermediate / Advanced


Release Technique: Minimizing Effort to Increase Your Body's Efficiency

Bellydance training regimes often emphasize only the muscular component of strength building; however, strength lies in the neuromuscular system and good technique often appears as effortless movement, not muscular strain. Through various "releasing techniques" developed since the 1960s, dancers have been learning to move as efficiently and effortlessly as possible by building direct neuromuscular pathways. Releasing unnecessary effort frees the body-mind. Through guided imagery and hands-on partner exercises adapted from releasing techniques, April Rose leads the class in this approach to movement. Bring paper and pen for note-taking on the history and science behind releasing technique and be prepared for tactile interaction between students. ~ All Levels


Bellydance ABCs for Daily Drills

In this workshop, we will be creating a daily practice structure for newer bellydancers looking to put more focus on their craft and more intention in how they go about this process. 

All about your body: Super-soft, stretch flows to treat your body with generosity
Building blocks: Working on movements natural to this hybrid dance form and adding juicy layers for building block-style challenges
Conditioning: Finding the best balance of gentleness and complexity in daily practice provides you a more vast and safe canvas for exploration. ~ All Levels


12:00 - 2:00 PM

Center of Gravity

Power and freedom in movement emerges from having a calm and grounded center. A dancer who has
mastery of their center of gravity is able to move through space effortlessly, to stop on a dime, and change momentum with ease. Kami will lead exercises to help strengthen and move from the core, to challenge your balance and move through floor work without fear in order to find a wide spectrum of expression. Knee pads, dance shoes/socks are suggested but not required. ~ All Levels


ATS® FUNdamentals

Jump into ATS® by drilling the essential moves of both the "slow" (arrhythmical) and "fast"
(rhythmical) formats. More experienced dancers can bring a sword, basket, or book to learn how
much of the slow format can be used with a balancing prop. Bring finger cymbals, if ya got 'em, for
the fast format, and get ready to "grab your partner, Dosey Doh!," as we use explore a bit of ATS®
partner work. The class will end with improvisation, of course, including fun methods and
improvisational games designed for large groups. Bring an open heart and leave with a joyful spirit! ~ All Levels


Eclectic Fusion

"Eclectic Fusion" is a dance philosophy and format that Draconis has been working on to create a unique experience for the fusion dance community. As opposed to a class that is pigeonholed in "tribal fusion" or "Spanish fusion", this class allows a variety of dance styles to merry together with belly dance, creating unique and eclectic movement patterns. Much like with gender, Draconis was never able to choose just one style of dance to study. For many years he has studied and performed various styles of dance, including ballet, Modern, belly dance, West African, Brazilian Samba, and hip hop. Each class, each choreography, each combination is its own unique blend of fusion, keeping everything fresh and evolving. Draconis wanted to keep a signature style, but also have room to grow and change, and wanted his dance to be reflective of that. Eclectic Fusion is a style that is limitless and monotony-proof. By studying Eclectic Fusion, it prevents you from becoming one of those dancers who is "great, but does the same thing over and over." Draconis gives thorough instruction on finding your own personal brand of fusion, and what styles speak and resonate with you most strongly. He will help you refine your stage presence, showcase your best qualities, and keep you from falling into a box! ~ Intermediate / Advanced


Improve Your Improv

Bellydance has a long tradition of being a solo improvisational dance, but improv can be intimidating! How do you know what move to do? How can you flow from one move to the next? Sometimes you need a recipe to follow! These simple exercises will give you the “ingredients” to improve your improv! A simple mnemonic device to remember while practicing and some practical tips and tricks will help you to be in the moment with the music and your movements. ~ All Levels


Performance Mini-Intensive (12:00 - 3:00 PM)

Want an opportunity to perform at Migrations 2018? Here’s your chance! Liora has a brand-new vision inspired by her recent travels that she can’t wait to share with fellow dancers. Workshop registrants will receive instructional videos of a tribal fusion choreography by Liora well in advance in order to learn and prepare for the mini-intensive and performance. Dancers should be at the intermediate level or above and be comfortable with learning choreography and some staging via video. Choreography will include layering, staggered entrances and exits, and featured small groups. Performers must attend the 4-hour Friday workshop and be available for a short tech rehearsal in order to perform in the evening show. ~ Intermediate / Advanced


2:30 - 4:30 PM

Performance Mini-Intensive (12:00 - 3:00 PM)

Continuation of class. Please see description above.


Razor Sharp Slink

Executing slow, controlled, and sustained movement is something many of us aspire to yet can be so
difficult to achieve. This workshop will begin with working on new lines and pathways moving at molasses-slow speed with ultra-clean technique. We will take our slink and combine it with a some
pops, locks and contrasting movements that create striking combinations. ~ All Levels


Latino / Brazilian Drum Solo

Let’s add some flavor to that drum solo!!  Learn the steps to some of Latin America and Brazil‘s most famous and contagious beats.  Understand the similarities in rhythms in the music and apply them to an Arabic drum solo.  Want something different to mesmerize your audiences with? This is it!! ~ Intermediate / Advanced / Pro


Modern Contemporary

Set  to lush, driving beats and energizing soundscapes, Hassan's contemporary fusion layers simple but dynamic movements into fun, progressive combos that build into a fluid, full-body ride. This workshop is designed to introduce dancers who may be new to contemporary dance to the core principles of the practice in an easy-to-follow format that keeps you out of your head gets you into your body. This workshop is suitable for beginner-intermediate level movers and above. ~ All Levels


Bollywood Masala

Inspired by the high energy music from Indian films, our mixed-level Bollywood class will energize you with the fun movements. Dramatic facial expressions and cinematic pizzazz means any viewer, dance aficionado or not, can follow the story. This class is a combination of a great workout and creative dance movement. With upbeat music to get you in the mood, you'll be smiling as you're dancing and exercising. Taught by a welcoming instructor who encourages beginners and those with past dance experience to participate, you'll feel right at home in no time. Whether or not you're familiar with Bollywood dance, you'll learn so much about it, get that cardio workout you need, and have fun at the same time!  The class will include a Bollywood warm-up and yoga postures. Did we mention it's really fun?! :) ~ All Levels


Saturday, January 13th

9:00 - 11:00 AM

Finger Cymbals and Hip Drills

A class designed for those new to finger cymbals and dancers with experience who want to strengthen
their finger cymbal playing foundation. We will begin with foundational zill technique and essential playing patterns while learning basic steps and combinations to accompany our playing. Several dance phrases will be taught and drilled with beginning and intermediate options available. Please bring your own pair of finger cymbals. ~ Beginning / Intermediate/ All Levels


Danse Orientale (Belly Dance) with Veil: The Luminous Veil Using Music from the Middle East

Experience Dalia’s unique approach to veil work through her invaluable dance experience throughout the years. Looking for different ways of expressing yourself? This is geared for dancers to transform audiences while creating movement and shapes with fabric. Become one with the veil, feel its intensity, feel its beauty. Become it, flow with it. Expressive combinations and air design movement will be explored while using a veil, and give you new movements that can be used in night club and theater performances. A 3.5 to 4yd veil is recommended. ~ All Levels


Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Every dancer, at some point in their journey, has looked at photos taken at their performances and cringed.   Fortunately there are several easy ways for you to help aid in better performance pictures.  In this workshop we will go over some do’s and don’t’s that will professionalize your venues, performances, and pictures with minimal effort.  This is for the dancer who performs primarily in haflas, smaller shows and venues.  Bring a notebook and pen, and we’ll even have an opportunity to practice a bit of playing to the camera.  This is not a class intended for staged photo sessions, though many of the elements can be applied. ~ All Levels


Mid-East Rhythms for Whatever You Have That Makes Noise

This class is for everyone! A gentle introduction to Middle Eastern rhythms. Great for dancers and musicians. Bring your doumbek, frame drum, zills, djembe, bongos, slide whistle, whatever! This is perfect for first-timers.


Classical Indian Dance

The workshop is an overview of basic movements of the Indian classical Dance form Bharatanatyam, also called Temple Dance.  These basic movements are then incorporated into the dances that are done in praise of the deities of Hindu Temples.  Students will learn dance movement  unique to this dance form.  They will learn a short number to complete their understanding of Bharatanatyam. ~ All Levels


12:00 - 2:00 PM

Mini-Intensive (12:00 - 4:00 PM): Fluidity in Motion / Lovely Arms Technique & Combinations

Fluidity in Motion: The focus in this class is deepening one's connection to the floor and ability to move outside their personal space. This workshop will focus not only on foot patterns but will cover how to gain balance and grace while traveling across the floor. We will begin with a modern- and ballet-influenced warm-up to focus on proper alignment and move on to traveling foot patterns across the floor. Several complex foot patterns will be drilled and eventually building on top of them adding isolations and arm work. Power and freedom in movement emerges from having a calm and grounded center. A dancer who has mastery of their center of gravity is able to move through space effortlessly, to stop on a dime, and change momentum with ease. Kami will lead exercises to help strengthen and move from the core, to challenge your balance and move through floor work without fear in order to find a wide spectrum of expression. Knee pads, dance shoes/socks are suggested but not required. 

Lovely Arms Technique & Combinations: The first half of this section will be technique and posture focused. Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, and finger work will be intensely covered so that we are able to learn how to articulate through each mobile part of the arm for true arm isolations. The second half of class will take these smooth arm movements and apply them to combinations including isolations, shimmies, and traveling patterns. ~ All Levels


Glitter & Garba: Exploration into the Dazzling, Colorful World of Indian Folk Dance

Does the high energy music from Indian films inspire you? Then this class is perfect for you!
This beginner Bollywood and folk class combines traditional Indian folk dance from Gujarat which has
gained popularity for its invigorating music (the dhol drum).This class is suitable for all levels and, since no dance experience is required, you will learn technique and choreography that incorporate rhythmic, full body movement. With music that will keep you energized, engaged and excited, this high energy, non-stop cardio and strength building dance class is designed to help you get toned and build endurance. Come learn from the best Bollywood instructors in Austin! You'll be glad you did! ~ All Levels


Intro to Chinese Classical Dance

This class offers students an opportunity to become familiar with and practice Chinese Classical Dance basic movements, which include breathing, pacing, body rhythm, and core technique. In the first part, we will focus on the practice of basic movement materials, and in the second part, Jun Shen will teach a small combination. The students will have the fundamental concept of Chinese classical dance through this workshop. ~ All Levels


Double Trouble: Veil & Zills

Dancing with a veil brings an ethereal quality to bellydance. Dancing with zills adds another layer of percussion and interaction. Dancing with BOTH at the same time is a fantastic challenge to a dancer's ability and makes the audience sit up and take notice! We will begin with basic veil and zill techniques (individually) and then move to more complexities and then add them all together for that “Wow!” factor! Bring both veil and zills! ~ All Levels


Powerful Layers

Known for his powerful, ground-breaking shimmies, Draconis teaches this class on how to masterfully layer your movements to create dynamic, complex combinations. A handout will be given with exercises on challenging your ability to layer movements. He will teach his favorite combinations, as well as guide you to creating your own unique, signature moves. ~ Intermediate / Advanced


2:30 - 4:30 PM

Mini-Intensive (12:00 - 4:00 PM)

Continuation of class. Please see description above.



A Simplistic Music and Dance Theory Class: How To Notate and Map Out Your Own Choreography

Do you struggle with creating a new dance for yourself?  Stress no more.  This class is in two sections: first, we sit down with pen and paper and learn how to map out a musical score in a very simplified format.  Second, after discussing a musical score (music that you choose to dance with), we map out movement possibilities on paper that complete the score.  Please bring pen and paper and samples of music that you are planning to use in a performance or planning to dance to in the future.  We will work with some of the workshop participant’s music as samples, mapping it out, and a group discussion will follow. Please bring in any style of music you want. ~ All Levels


Self-Defense for Dancers

Learn realistic and effective means of self defense, formatted for women and specifically belly dancers.  Learn to protect yourself and your troupe-mates while on gigs, during performances, or while traveling in this informal, relaxed setting.  Get ready to get sweaty!  We’ll use fists, elbows, and all the rest! ~ All Levels


Into the Algerian Theater: The Ouled Nail dancers of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

Beginning with a brief discussion of the history of the Ouled Nail, their distinct styles of dress and adornment, and their relevance to the development of American Belly Dance, we'll delve into a light-hearted choreography constructed with movement and styling drawn from photographs, film footage, and primary-source descriptions of performances from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. ~ All Levels

Sunday, January 14th

9:00 - 11:00 AM

Danse Orientale (Near/Middle Eastern Belly Dance) - The Dalia Carella Dance Technique

Dalia has created her own unique style in the field of Middle Eastern Dance, which students worldwide seek to be instructed in this format. This class focuses on taking traditional dance steps of the Near and Middle East while adding a contemporary twist within a Belly Dance format creating interesting combos, choreography, and sizzling steps.  Hip Work, interesting hands, body isolations, and creative floor designs are taught in this class.  The student really gets a class in technique and how to bring out more of their “sassiness and sensuality” while becoming one with the music! ~ All Levels


Smooth and Slow

Sink in to a decadent choreography composed as a celebration of sensation,and explore spacious phrasing, sinuous layers, and breathy transitions. This baby purrs like a kitten and fits like a glove. Recommended for intermediate to advanced dancers, but adventurous beginners are welcome! ~ All Levels



Learn the basics of different street dance styles that define hip-hop. From old school funk & boogie to smooth, precise lyrical new school fusion, we'll get down to classic hits from the golden age of Hip-Hop and beyond in this 2-hour intensive. Participants don't need to have prior hip-hop experience but should be beginning-intermediate level or above. ~ All Levels


Begintermediate Doumbek

You know a bunch of what? Let's get "Beyond Baladi." You will learn practical rhythm combinations useful for playing songs and making your drum circle more fun. You will also learn how to add fills and embellishments to make your playing more interesting. This workshop is perfect for anyone who already knows the basic hits and rhythms.


Formations, Formations, Formations! And Dancing in the Round

The American Tribal Style format was designed for group improvisation. Each type of foreground
formation has its own unique characteristics and capabilities to explore and navigate. First, we will
focus on the fullest type of foreground--a four person formation. In this segment of the class, we
will tackle those "money moves" that take advantage of all the characteristics that the four person
formation has to offer, including fading, circling-up, and more. In the next part of the class we will explore 'dancing in the round'. Here, even the formation itself can change the direction of its performance and dance for an audience in 360 degrees... and that's improvisationally, to boot! Many times, we are not dancing on a stage but rather in the midst of a gathering, between tables at a restaurant, or around a fire. Learn how to fit a foreground and chorusline into a variety of situations. Explore these advanced options for all of the peculiar performance spaces that you may find yourself in. ~ Intermediate / Advanced


The Trans & Non-Binary Performer Survival Guide (Lecture)

Draconis has been involved with the trans community for over 8 years, having gone through a gender transition themself, had years of gender therapy, and independently paved their place as a non-binary performer in a business that is largely gendered. This workshop is for the community of current and aspiring performers who are non-binary, trans, queer, and beyond, to offer advice on attending classes, finding safe studios, dealing with dressing room SNAFUs, handling intolerance, and staying safe. This is also for those who are interested in learning to facilitate their non-binary friends, how to address us in a respectful, sensitive, and appropriate manner. This is for producers who wants to book a queer or trans performer for their event, but want to make sure they understand the ins and outs of hosting a trans or NB performer. Micro aggressions, pronoun queries, bathroom and dressing room drama, EVERYTHING will be touched on in this workshop. There will also be Q&A held at the end. Keep your mind open and be ready to take notes.


12:00 - 2:00 PM

The Elegance Principle (11:15 AM - 2:15 PM)

Cleverly concise. Effective. Admirably succinct. Consistent and restrained. Refined and minimal. In this movement workshop, April Rose applies pleasingly ingenious simplicity to dance technique and choreographic composition. Using a release technique approach to bellydance, participants engage with exercises designed to increase neuromuscular efficiency and build phrases characterized by graceful ease, apparent effortlessness, and luxurious timing.  ~ All Levels


Poi for Bellydancers

Just as in other types of performance art, there can be said to be two kinds of poi spinner: the technical spinner and the dancer. While everyone is and must be a combination of both, this class specifically targets those who want to incorporate a strong element of dance into their fire spinning. This class will help you discover how to layer poi movements, both basic and advanced, on top of bellydance movements. A simple change of posture or body positioning can totally change the look of a poi movement, turning the mundane into the magnificent! ~ All Levels


Dunyavi Roma (Gypsy) Dance

Dunyavi means “World.” This is one of Dalia’s signature art forms that she created in 1979, the name and the movement!  This style blends Turkish, Spanish, and Indian Dance into one form.  Turkish Romani hand gesturing and foot work are combined with Flamenco arms, skirt work, and posturing and Indian hand gesturing and turns.  She is the originator of this form and teaches how to fuse these traditional dances into a fiery and intense art form. Dalia will be using 9/8 Karsilama rhythm in this workshop.  She also will educate the student/dancer how to count in this rhythm and feel comfortable in dancing to it.  Skirts required. ~ All Levels


2:30 - 4:30 PM

Authentic Movement: A Healing Workshop for Dancers

Our bodies carry muscle tensions constantly. Sometimes, those tensions are created as an involuntary or unconscious response to an emotional or mental issue. In such cases, they evolve into a permanent pain, numbness, or lack of motility. As a result, we lose the natural grace of our body and we see diminished our capacity for pleasure. In this workshop we will scan the body and all the emotions that arise in the main areas and with simple, non-invasive, and joyful movement exercises we will experience how we can get back all of our natural health. ~ All Levels


 Doumbek Rockstar: Roll, Pop, Slap, and Snap!

In this workshop, you will learn techniques and new hits to use on your doumbek. These are the rock star tricks! Learn how to incorporate these hits into rhythms and solos to really spice up your playing. This workshop is perfect for any drummer who knows the basics.